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Traveling in the comfort of our motorcoach, we'll also experience the Judean wilderness - the Ein Gedi oasis and the mountain fortress Masada. Our first night is by the beautiful Dead Sea!
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Imagine  actually  visiting the
land of the Bible - in person!

Invest a few minutes to read
this, then click on the pages through the tabs above and contact us soon with your any questions you may have.  Marilyn and I invite you to experience the trip of a lifetime.  Come with us to Israel next year!

We have led tours to Italy, Greece, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt and Israel. This trip is truly a great value - priced much lower than other trips that follow similar itineraries, and we offer the highest quality;
   -  Comfortable and pleasant hotels.
   -  Wonderful breakfast and dinner buffet meals each day.
   -  Life-changing worship and study times in unforgettable places.
   -  Airfare from the mid-west is INCLUDED, saving most people money.  
   -  We are happy to arrange inexpensive airfare from your departure city upon request.

   -  At each hotel, your luggage is portered from the bus to your room and back.  Convenient!

   -  We visit additional sites and meet with local Believers. Most tours simply do not provide these.
   -  Check the tour brochure "cover page" tab above and enroll early for a great early-bird discount.

This is the trip of a lifetime, and everything is ready. All you have to do is enroll with your deposit, pay for your tour and arrive at the airport on time with your Bible, luggage and a smile.  We handle the rest!

For any Christian,  visiting the Bible sites where our faith was born, is the ULTIMATE FIELD TRIP!
On the way home from Israel, a physician (an experienced traveler) voiced the sentiment of many who travel with us -"This was the best trip I have ever taken!"  Another well-traveled professional couple emailed me this spring... "Our trip to Israel with you remains the highlight of our retirement."

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Visiting Israel in a well-planned tour is so much more than a
vacation. It is a "spiritual journey" and it is life-changing! 

Those who have gone to Israel with us will agree,  "You'll
never be the same." 
We invite you to join us on our trip
to Israel in March 2015!  Call us today!

    David and Marilyn Stokes, Your Tour Hosts
    Greentown, Indiana

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                 in  Jerusalem


"Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, may those who love you be secure."      Psalm 122:6 NIV
Look ahead and join us for this life-changing trip to the Holy Land in 2015!

      in Israel is

  Pray for the citizens
and Believers in Israel.

Tour inquiries to this website have come from many cities around the world.
Your town is blinking now...

 "Next  year, Jerusalem!"